What are the security features of SnoopWall Lite?

SnoopWall Lite enables you to control various security features within the mobile app. By selecting the items below, end-users will be able to turn on certain security features within the app. Some of these settings will disable some app functionality as a precaution if insecure conditions are detected.


  • Detected Root Devices:  This setting will detect rooted/jailbroken devices. These devices are more insecure because they can circumvent certain restrictions that are imposed by the stock operating system.
  • Detect Accessibility Services:  This setting will detect if accessibility services are being used on an Android device. These services may bypass certain security features in the operating system in order to be more accessible. However, malicious programs may take advantage of this and create security risks.
  • Stop Background Processes:  This setting will stop all background processes while the app is running. Background processes can interact with the app in unknown ways and may present a security risk.
  • Detect ADB Connection:  This setting will detect if the device is connected to a computer through a developer connection which can be used to access sensitive information that would not be visible otherwise.
  • Detect Alternate Keyboards:  This setting will detect if alternate keyboards are being used. Alternate keyboards have the potential to log user keystrokes and send them to a malicious entity.
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