Permissions and why they are needed.

  • Devices & App History:  The key part of why we need this is so we can detect if other apps on the device are attempting to interfere with information being passed from the SACFCU app during the mobile banking and RDC portions. As part of our security, we make sure nothing can interfere with or intercept data being sent by the SACFCU app.
  • Identity:  This just looks to see what device type you are running (Samsung phone, LG phone, etc) as part of our analytics. We do NOT pull any account or personal info.
  • Contacts:  We need access to contacts in order for the "Contact Us" tab in the app to be able to pre-populate the phone number or email when tapping on one of those contacts within the app. We do NOT pull the user's contact list or information.
  • Locations:  We request access to the location so that we can use the "find a location near me" feature of the app.
  • Photos/Media/Files:  We request access for this so that users can upload images from their device for inclusion in the custom forms (e.g. uploading a pay stub image as part of the loan application form)
  • Camera:  We need access to the camera so that members can use the camera to take pictures of checks for Remote Deposit.
  • Wi-Fi connection:  We request access to this information so that we can adjust image upload settings if users are attempting to send data while on a slower connection.
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