Adding New Users

To add new users to your CU Mobile App Engine can be achieved in a few short steps:

  1. Login to your personal CU Mobile Engine at 
  2. Select the "Account Settings" tab located on the top right toolbar
  3. Select "Add User"
  4. Enter in the requested information for e-mail address and first and last name.
  5. Select a generic password to be used for the initial login (NOTE: the new user can change this password once they login to the CU Mobile App Engine)
  6. Select what functions and accessibility you want your new member to have by clicking the check boxes under "User Access". 
  7. Decide whether to allow the new user to have access to build or publish the app by selecting the appropriate boxes under the "Build Access" section. 
  8. Click "SUBMIT"

And now your new user is ready to login and access the CU Mobile App Engine!

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