Making Images Fit

     Within the CU Mobile App Engine there are many ways to customize your app to your credit union's taste by adding your own logos, banners, advertisements, specials, etc. Many of these items include the use of pictures and graphics to make your app more aesthetically pleasing. However, to ensure your images appear correctly to your users be sure to follow a few key rules. 

Image Type

As a general rule, the CU Mobile App Engine requires the use of .png image files. This is because .png files are "portable network graphics" and are commonly utilized throughout the internet and internet applications. 

You will notice that beside each space where you can upload an image there is a note that states ".png file preferred". 


One exception to this rule is when inserting images into News stories or other sections where you are placing an imagine into a text box. If adding an image to a text box, then you do not have to use a .png file. Another exception is when adding photos of your branch locations. Branch photos do not have a specific file they must be. 

Please note that while the engine may allow you to use other file types, they will take much longer to load into your image library and will not always appear correctly to your users.


Image Size

In order for your images to look correct, you need to ensure you are using the correct image size. Luckily, the CU Mobile App engine simplifies this for you! You will notice that the size required for each device and layout is notated above the display area. 


Please note that these suggested sizes are listed in pixels. 


Also, to make sure that your Specials (in the Marketing tab) are sized correctly, please always be sure to select the option to "Stretch to Fit Screen" option under scaling mode. This will prevent the "gray bars" from appearing in your CU viewer and will ensure your image covers the entire screen. 


Summary: When in doubt, just look for hints! The CU Mobile App Engine contains lots of clues and information to assist you in making sure your images are able to be viewed and uploaded properly. 




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