Uploading an Image

There is a large collection of icons and images provided for you to use to customize your app, but there will be times when you wish to upload some of your own, like pictures of your locations or group events.

Here's how. You can either click on "Image Library" on the left side of the screen:


Or, select the feature you wish to change.

Click on "Click Here to Upload" to upload:


You may be prompted to click on "Change Image," but clicking on the actual image works the same way:

Whichever method you choose, you'll see this screen:


Notice how "My Images" is located below the other folders, underneath the grey bar? You can only upload images to the folders below that bar, or in this case, "My Images." When you click on it:


You will see the "Upload" button in the top-right corner. Click on that:

I am using a Mac in this case, but for Windows users, instead of "Choose," you will be prompted to "Open," which is the same thing. Simply select the image and click on "Open/Choose." Also, it is recommended that you upload your image as a .png file, as other image types may not work correctly.

After you have done that, it will appear in your folder:

 You can then use the image by clicking on it.

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