Creating/Changing a Color Theme

The CU Mobile App Engine gives you the ability to customize your credit union's app by allowing you to select your own colors! This function is known as the "color theme" and is accessible to whatever users you choose. 


How to get there

To access your current color theme to view or alter follow these quick steps:

  1. Login to the CU Mobile App Engine
  2. Select the "Edit Your App" tab on the top right
  3. Select the orange "color theme" tab on the left side of the screen. 

And then your'e there!


Changing your colors

To edit your current color theme click on the pencil located to the right of your selected theme. 

You will then be in the "Customize color" section. In order to alter a color, select the section that you would like to recolor by clicking on the color square to the right of the sections name. 

You will then have the option to either type in the color code into the boxes according to the correct RGB color code, or use your mouse to select a color from the rainbow gradient or enlarged color gradient. 

After you have found the color you were looking for click the orange save button at the bottom of the Customize Colors chart. 


Creating a new color theme

In the color theme section of the CU Mobile App Engine there will be an option at the top in blue to "Create a Custom Theme". Select this to get started on your new color theme. You will then be directed to a page that displays a phone in basic black, grey, and blue. To change any color you can click on any section name, i.e toolbar, and then either type in the the RGB color code or use the color match screen to customize your color. 


Once you complete all of your customization for your new color theme you will click the orange create button at the lower middle of your screen.


You now have a new color theme to use for your app! Be sure it is selected and published to your live app so you can view the changes in your CU Viewer app. 

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